Treatment generally

For an appointment, you don't need a reference from your doctor or general practicioner. You can directly make an appointment.

When you first visit Acuscura we will start with an intake. This will take approximately one and a half hour.
In the intake, a lot of different questions will be asked. I will be taking a look at your tongue and feel your pulse. 
With all this information I will set up a diagnosis according to the Chinese medicine, and I will set up a plan of treatment.
At the next appointment we will discuss the treatment.
The appointments after the intake will take about one hour.

Every person is unique and every body reacts differently. That is, why there is no standard treatment. Up front, it is hard to determine how long the treatment will take. In general, the longer the disorder excists, the longer it will take to recover.

Important: Are you pregnant or do you have a childwish? Always make a note of this, even when its an early pregnancy!
Perhaps unnecessarily, but still valuable to know: during a treatment you never have to ben completely nude.

After five or six treatments we evaluate the progress. After all, there must be results!

What do you take with you?

  • During your first visit, always bring your ID. Your BSN must be on the invoice, if you want to let the health insurance refund the treatment
  • You don't need special clothing, although it's important to know that in some cases there will be made use of special oils that have a strong scent and might get on your clothing
  • If you're used to employ a tongue cleaner, please do not use this two or three days before the treatment. Tongue diagnosis is an important part of the diagnosis and can lead to a different diagnosis if you clean your tongue
  • Bring two towels with you every visit, a big and a small one
  • It is strongly advised not to eat food right before the visit that will discolor your tongue, such as coffee or licorice
  • If you use any medicine, please make a list of them. Also think about birthcontrol pills, food supplements, homeopathic remedies and self medication like paracetamol
  • Check your insurance what they will refund